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Stroop Color and Word Test () BY CHARLES J. GOLDEN, PHD AND SHAWNA M. FRESHWATER. Here is a standardized version of the Stroop Color and Word Test, which maximizes the benefits of this popular measure of cognitive processing.. The Stroop is based on the observation that individuals can read words much faster than they can identify and name colors. The cognitive . Sep 03,  · If you tripped up a bit on the second group, you’re not alone. You just experienced the Stroop Effect which basically means your brain reads on auto-pilot, and it’s so efficient that it interferes with the harder task of naming the colors. Try this game based on The Stroop Test. ÂAuthor: Erin.

The Stroop Effect test is a cool brain teaser which exercises your brain. It was named after John Ridley Stroop who was an American psychologist that studied reaction times in individuals as part of his work. It demonstrates how our mental processing times slow down when trying to . The Stroop test is used in neuro-psychological evaluations to measure mental vitality and flexibility for strong attention and self-regulation capability.

Sep 04,  · Abstract In the Color-Word Stroop test (CWST), the basic task is to name the ink color of rows of XXXs, and performance in this condition is compared with performance in naming the ink-color of color words under conditions where word meanings and ink colors mismatch or are incongruent (e. g., the word red printed in green ink). The present study investigated whether Stroop test interference Cited by: John Ridley Stroop first reported this effect in his Ph.D. thesis published in , commonly known as "Stroop Effect": When the meaning of a word and its color are congruent, such as the word "BLUE" written in blue color, it is easy to recognize the actual color of the word.