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Characteristics of facilitators of adult education. Developing understanding of and responsibility for instruction. Dealing with closure and ending, in other words summarizing learning accomplishments and indicating future learning. Establishing role clarity and credibility. Guarding the contract, in other words keeping the instruction within the agreed boundaries. Mar 29,  · Educator Catherine Carter adds that an effective way for teachers to understand their processes and motivation is to define an apt metaphor for the role they perform. For example, she says, some teachers think of themselves as gardeners, potters shaping clay, mechanics working on engines, business managers, or workshop artists, supervising other artists in their growth.

theory embodied in the Full Range of Leadership Model the leadership characteristics of adult educators were examined using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire Form 5x (Bass & Avolio, ). The possibility of significant differences between respondent gender, age, and their preferred leadership style was also explored.