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Dec 12,  · “The first thing that was in Commerce was a drag strip, the Atlanta Dragway, and then all the hotels, motels, Cracker Barrels, Zaxby’s and outlet malls came along because of all the traffic to the area and there was more exposure,” he said. Our mission in life as has been to recreate old racing decals so that others can enjoy reliving the old memories from the many circle tracks, drag strips, speed shops and performance companies. We hope our website and all of it's great old racing decals bring back some Wonderful Memories from the Good Old Day's of Racing.

Jul 20,  · SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. — The Social Circle Board of Education is still trying to balance its preliminary budget for the upcoming school year as a current shortfall in revenue has the school district looking to its fund balance to cover expenditures for the next year. A dragstrip is a facility for conducting automobile and motorcycle acceleration events such as drag afterworld.infogh a quarter mile ( feet, m) is the best known measure for a drag track, many tracks are eighth mile ( m) tracks, and the premiere classes will run 1, foot (m) races. The race is begun from a standing start which allows three factors to affect the outcome of the.

Mar 04,  · My 1st trip to the Circle Drags was in one of the 1st V8 Chevy IIs around.A good friends dad was a salesman at Friendly,and brought it home one Friday afterworld.info friend got to drive it that Sunday,we cruised around in then the unknow sleeper,and it somehow wound up at Circle afterworld.info least we didn't break it. historic and bygone drag strips in Georgia. historic and bygone drag strips in Georgia.

afterworld.info's Dragstrip Finder (updated 1/27/) The online resource that helps you find over tracks worldwide at which to race. Send us additions or corrections: RACERS & FANS: Please contact tracks directly for their schedules and information. Jan 28,  · Jan 28, Brian Lohnes BangShift NewsComments Off on War on Racetracks: Battle Over Proposed Social Circle, GA, Drag Strip Rages On Both sides of the Social Circle, Georgia, drag strip debate met on January 26, , for a so-called “work .

So you think you’re fast eh? Come on, you know you have had dreams of strapping on a helmet and showing the crowd at CNS that you know the fastest line around the track. Well here is your chance! Yes, it’s the world famous Circle Drags at Colorado National Speedway. 16 cars go head to [ ]. Complete List of South Carolina Dragstrips & Drag Racing Track Locations. XTRA Action Sports is the #1 Source for South Carolina Dragstrip Information.