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Seniors get personal care in a home-like setting. Assisted living isn’t the only housing option for an older adult who needs care. Another good option is a residential care home. These places provide care to small groups of adults over age Senior Community Homes: More housing developments are being geared toward seniors. These single family homes are spacious and elegant but are built with seniors in mind, making them an excellent option for older adults interested in a convenient home suitable to their Melissa Mayntz.

Group Homes / Supportive Housing Here are some of the most popular housing options for adults with special needs. Living with Parents or Other Family Members Many adults with special needs, especially young adults, may live with their parents or other family members. People with special needs who live with their parents don't have to. Programs that provide housing in a group setting for adults with developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, physical disabilities, emotional disabilities or multiple disabilities in facilities like small homes, apartment buildings, condominiums or agency-owned complexes which may be staffed to provide functional skills training and on-site supportive services.

NAMING YOUR SENIOR ADULT GROUP Looking for a name for your senior adult ministry group? Choose a name that is appealing to the majority of your people and that cannot be confused with another group in your church or community. Consider the general age range of the people in your group or whom you would like to attract. Jul 02,  · Group homes for mentally ill adults can be sources of support and stability. Mental illness presents numerous challenges for those living with it. There are different mental disorders, each with unique challenges; however, all mental illnesses involve significant distress and disruption in.