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There are many ways to improve your sexual performance. This can include improving existing problems or searching for new ways to keep your partner happy. Here are nine ways to Author: The Healthline Editorial Team. An old joke asks: "What's the one word a woman can count on to sexually arouse a man?" The punchline: "Hello." See also: Treating erectile dysfunction without the little blue pill. The joke is apt for men under 40 — youngsters who feel horny much of the time and tend to get aroused quickly.

Jul 14,  · For example, you may need to adjust your sexual routine to include more stimulation to become aroused. Senior sex and health problems. Your health can have a big impact on your sex life and sexual performance. Poor health or chronic health conditions, such as heart disease or arthritis, make sex and intimacy more challenging. Oct 15,  · Check these sex tips for clitoral stimulation and make her beg for more--from Men's Health. Sexy women reveal how to tease them, please them, and Author: Matt Bean.

Apr 13,  · How to Increase Libido. If you have a low sex drive, or libido, you may have trouble initiating or enjoying sexual situations. Luckily, with patience, planning, and an understanding partner, you can bring that romantic spark back into the 83%(40). Sep 29,  · How to Improve Sexual Stamina. Everyone wants to be a better lover. For many, especially men, inability to offer one's partner a lasting sexual experience is a source of concern and even stress. However avoiding premature ejaculation in 87%(25).

In order for sexual arousal and orgasm to occur, conditions need to be just right. The process of arousal can be inhibited or quashed entirely if you are feeling anxious or distracted or if you have other things on your mind. You may also have trouble experiencing arousal is you are feeling fatigued. Mar 01,  · 4. Sow Those Wild Oats For Vaginal Stimulation. Wild oats or Avena sativa can help increase sensitivity in the genital region, boosting vaginal stimulation and improving libido. It nourishes your nerves, increasing the pleasurable sensations associated with sexual intercourse.

Many men want to know how to enhance their own and their partners’ sexual satisfaction. However, placing too much emphasis on performance can lead to anxiety. Certain lifestyle changes can help Author: Zawn Villines. May 03,  · “The difference between male and female orgasm itself is that with women, orgasm is produced by direct stimulation of the clitoris down and pay attention to Author: Lindsay Tigar.