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Oct 05,  · Nel appears in both her child and adult forms. In BLEACH: Heat of the Soul 6(), all three of her forms appeared in game, this included her Ressurection form. Nel had developed a fear of soul reapers and claimed that they were the evil ones. Nevertheless, she has grown increasingly attached to Ichigo and has developed a child-like crush on him. In her adult form, Nel becomes much more mature, logical, composed, and intelligent than in her child form.

Oct 13,  · Nelliel goes to Nnoitra and tells him that it's over, but he should not despair as she will not take his life. However, she reverts into a child much to everyone's surprise. Nnoitra steps on her and laughs before kicking her again, Nel Has Return As An Adult Form! download mp4, p and . 11 days ago · Here is Nel from Bleach in her Adult Form. Nel Adult Form.

Aug 29,  · Hime is just cockblocking. Nel becoming an adult permanently would make her another competitor in her quest for Ichigo's dick, and she's got enough competition as it is now with Rukia. Nel staying a little child is more convenient for her (unless Ichigo is a closet pedo), so she just plays dumb. Sep 01,  · Best Answer: Nel turns into her adult form in Episode and is revealed to be a former Espada. She fights Nnoitra and she stays in that form all the way to In Episode , she gets reverted back to her child form again, and we havent seen her in her adult form in the present since then. Next time Status: Open.

When does Nel become an adult in Bleach? attacked Nel from behind. She later turns back into her true form in episode number to help Ichigo, who was already badly injured in his fight with.