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our favorite adult board game - The 14 Most Popular Board Games For Adults

We spent 54 hours researching board games and playing 13 top contenders with 18 people to find some of the best board games for adults. In the process, we consulted Wirecutter staffers, surveyed seven game experts and enthusiasts, and interviewed four board game experts: a clinical psychologist and neuroscience researcher turned owner of board game café The Brooklyn Strategist, a ludology Author: Anna Perling. Jun 25,  · Best of all, Sagrada is one of the extremely few games with a single-player mode (an increasingly popular trope for board-game designers) that's actually worth your afterworld.info: William Herkewitz.

Nov 14,  · Here is a list of our FAVORITE family board games.. 1. Qwirkle. Such a simple game of colors and shapes, but it’s a ton of fun for kids and adults! Half of the time we don’t even keep score. I remember the first time we played this last year and I was blown away that Birdie (age 3 at the time) could play with minimal help!. Jun 11,  · Our family game nights even include our adult children via video chat once in a while. Playing family board games allows my family to laugh during the worst times, and that makes precious memories. What follows is a list of our favorite family board games, these are the games we tend to come back to more than any others.

Nov 17,  · The kids get in on the action too, but that doesn’t mean we’re relegated to playing kiddie games all the time. We’ve found a lot games that the kids and adults both enjoy, from silly, laugh-out-loud games to more complicated strategy games that take a few hours to play. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite board games for 6 players or more. My wife and I like to game in our spare time. This is a list of our favorite games we play with each other. We tend to enjoy the same types of games for the most part, but several of these games are more enjoyed by one of us vs. both of us. I hope this list can help those who are looking for great 2 player gaming experiences.