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Jun 19,  · The normal oral temperature for adults is about ° F (37° C). The normal oral temperature for a child is between ° and ° F (° and ° C). The normal oral temperature for older persons is ° F (36° C). Body temperature changes slightly through the day and night, and may change based on your activity. Jun 19,  · There are several ways to take a temperature. A normal temperature is °F (37°C) but can range from °F to °F (°C to °C). Your and your child's temperature can vary with activity or exercise.

A fever is considered to be a rectal, ear or temporal artery temperature of ºF (38ºC) or higher. If you are using an oral or oral pacifier thermometer, many doctors would say that a fever is also over ºF (38ºC), but some may consider a fever in a young patient, to be an oral temperature of ºF or ºC. From birth to age 5, the most common way to take a temperature is under the armpit. For children older than 2, temperatures can also be taken by ear or, if the child is able to sit still long enough, by mouth. The most accurate way to take a temperature is in the bum (rectal method).

Jul 27,  · In grown adults, a normal temperature can range from °F to 99°F, or between °C and °C. As long as the results of a thermometer fall within this range, it can be determined that a person's body temperature is normal. Fevers. When an adult's body temperature is above the normal range, he or she is considered to have a fever. What is a normal body temperature? Normal body temperature is about degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or 37 degrees Celsius (°C). Your temperature often varies from 1 to 2 °F or ½ to 1 °C. Your temperature is usually lower in the morning and increases during the day. It .

When taking an adults rectal temperature insert the probe about an inch and a half into the pt;s anus. the most important part in measuring the BP accurately is. Oct 07,  · It can return gradually or suddenly. As the body temperature returns to normal, the person usually sweats and may become dehydrated due to loss of fluid from sweating. How to Take Your Temperature – Fever in Adults. Adults should take their temperature under the tongue. Taking a temperature under the armpit is not very accurate. Mercury.