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Call them bloggers or vloggers, these Asian individuals are all representing their home countries on international platforms. Their efforts have earned them huge followers and caught the eye of many fashion and lifestyle brands. Instead of celebrities and models, bloggers tend to have their own personal voice and are able to stand out from the Author: Be Editorial Team. Apr 23,  · Asian fashion bloggers are no longer a small, niche group but one of the dominating forces on the influencer scene. Aimee and Dani Song are frequently sitting front row at Home Country: NYC.

Aug 14,  · In particular, the community of Asian American fashion bloggers has grown considerably—and refreshingly so, especially when Asians continuously struggle today to break the bamboo ceiling. Here are 10 Asian-American fashion bloggers (and vloggers) who are representing the AAPI community in style. 1. Aimee Song of Song of Style. Mar 11,  · Looking for incredible asian bloggers to follow? We have gathered top asian bloggers in 9 different niches who are dominating the world of blogging.

Get acquainted with the top 12 fashion bloggers from Korea you need to be following now. Get acquainted with the top 12 fashion bloggers from Korea you need to be following now. Halo People showcases the very best in Asian fashion. With more than 16, followers, Kyunghun Kim is also active on Instagram, sharing similar South Korean Author: Julie Daunt. “I feel like plus-size Asian representation hasn’t changed much since I was a kid aside from bloggers and influencers that you see on social media,” blogger Natalie Johnson of Shameless Creature says. “Since I started blogging, my family has had more a positive outlook on larger bodies.”.

Mar 13,  · I had attempted to create a kind of ‘Best Bloggers of All Time’ post but that list was verging on the thousands. So I’ve since then broken down that into categories. If you’re an ardent ABY reader, you must have come across the first post which was my Top 40 Bloggers of Colour. This time around we’ll be taking the Oriental Express to explore my Top 40 Asian Bloggers. How To Become A Fashion Blogger: 12 Crucial StepsStep 1: Determine your personal 2: Think of a 3: Find a suitable 4: Ideally, get a 5: Design your page. (more items).