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The Thumb Grip also gives the user an additional place to apply forward pressure and grip strength, which subsequently improves accuracy, reduces recoil and increases stability. The Thumb Grip is a simple solution, that can be easily added or removed from a pistol, to help train you or your loved ones to shoot like the pros! May 16,  · Your strong-side thumb will naturally drop to rest on and disengage the thumb safety, if your pistol has one**. If not, rest it on your support hand thumb, pointing forward. With both hands providing even pressure and lots of good contact with the handgun, you’ll find that this grip results in your pistol recoiling more vertically when fired.

Mar 29,  · Foundations of a Good Pistol Grip. Handguns can be a difficult weapon to shoot accurately. They are relatively small and most have a trigger pull that is more than twice the actual weight of the gun. The best way to deal with this is a good grip. A good pistol grip is critical if we are to enjoy any sort of accuracy and follow-up shots. Feb 23,  · However, most firearms instructors and accomplished competition shooters grip the pistol with a high thumb grip. V isualize my primary-hand thumb resting on my support-hand thumb, with both thumbs somewhat pointing toward the muzzle of the gun. Thumbs should look like they are in direct line of the slide/barrel.

Sep 24,  · The thumb-over-thumb grip is not used by any top shooter; however, its easy "learnability" and execution by new shooters makes it an excellent first grip for beginners. Thumb-over-thumb is a universal technique that works with any type of gun, SIG, Glock, revolver, Duane Thomas. The MonsterMan grip changes the normal pistol grip to prevent the thumb from wrapping up and over the grip. The MMG-AR is a molded polymer grip designed to replace the Mil-Spec standard A2 pistol grip. As a bonus, the MonsterMan grip attaches easily and fits snug without requiring alterations of .

The next type of handgun grip is typical of serious competitive shooters. It starts with the support hand thumb resting parallel with and just under the pistol slide (first picture at top of page). The support hand is wrapped around the strong hand with the thumb lined up in front of the shooting hand thumb and pointing forward. Jan 15,  · Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng demonstrates for beginners how to properly grip a semi-auto pistol. Firearm instructors and experienced shooters are encouraged to .

Feb 12,  · How to Grip a Pistol. Learning the right way to grip a pistol will improve your aim and keep you safer on the shooting range. A two-handed grip is recommended under most circumstances, but there are occasions when it helps to know how to 90%(40).