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Breast Solid Tumors Fibroadenoma: This is the most common benign tumor in adolescent girls and young usually present as a single breast mass. They are made up of both glandular and stromal (connective tissue that supports the breast elements such as the lobes, lobules and milk ducts) breast . However,to be a % certain that a solid breast lump is a fibroadenoma,radiologists usually recommend to see a Breast Surgeon who will look at your mammogram and ultrasound results and decide if the lump should be monitored or biopsied if he/she deems it necessary. All the best.

Management of Breast Fibroadenomas. a time at which lobular structures are added to the ductal system of the breast The sonographic criteria that support the diagnosis of a fibroadenoma are a round or oval solid mass with a smooth contour and weak internal echoes in a uniform distribution and intermediate acoustic attenuation 29 Cited by: Fibroadenomas Lobular cancer Phyllodes tumors Cysts in men are most likely due to ductal dilatation 56 M palpable right breast mass and history of father with breast cancer: Mammogram: Irregular retroareolar nodular tissue. Ovoid echogenic solid mass measuring 36 .

In fact, the most common solid mass seen is a benign breast tumor (not cancer) called a fibroadenoma. Fibroadenomas are smooth, firm, round masses made .