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The main symptoms include: continuous swelling or pain around your breast implant, which may occur long after a surgical incision has healed or many years after implants are inserted. fluid collection around your breast implant. capsular contracture, which is a lump under your skin or thick scar Author: Erica Cirino. CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE, HARD BREAST IMPLANTS If your implant has become hard, or has moved from its original position, then you may be suffering from what’s known as capsular contracture. Hardened breast implants are one of the more common problems with breast implants, and the earlier you seek treatment for this issue, the better.

After massaging the breast I would notice swelling under the right breast. I realized a lot of the swelling and pain was probably due to the band pushing the breast into the stitches. The line of swelling in the bottom is on top of where feel all of the stitches. Massaging gently it is very painful on the bottom half of the breast. A: Swollen breasts I would suggest that you see your plastic surgeon and have your fluid evaluated. A needle could be inserted under radiology guide and take a sample of the fluid. Developing fluid around the breast implant this far out from surgery is not normal, and needs to be evaluated.

The reason your breasts feel firm after surgery is because of the swelling. Breast implants themselves are soft, and do not harden. However, during breast augmentation recovery, you can expect to have a moderate amount of swelling, which will subside over time. As the swelling reduces, you’ll notice your breasts start to feel softer/5(). Breast implant illness is characterized by chronic negative health effects resulting from implantation of silicone or saline breast implants.

A fibroadenoma is also called a “breast mouse” because it is felt as a smooth swelling which is quite mobile within the breast. It usually occurs in young women, causing a painless swelling in the breast and is usually not pre-cancerous. Apr 13,  · Breast augmentation surgery causes mild to moderate swelling.  What you see immediately after the surgery is not what you will end up with — swelling will make your breasts appear much larger than anticipated for several weeks or months until they fall into place.

Breast Augmentation (enlargement or implants). Breast swelling is an enlargement due to elective cosmetic surgery. Breast swelling is an enlargement due to elective cosmetic surgery. Postoperative breast infection (mastitis), breast abscess or allergic reactions may be possible and can cause further breast swelling with breast pain, tenderness or soreness.