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None bears sacred virgins save a sacred virgin, she who has been espoused to be presented chaste unto one Husband, Christ. Of her, not altogether in body, but altogether in spirit virgin, are born holy virgins both in body and in spirit. Game - Holy virginity. Defend Mary from the incoming sperm from the angels by hitting them with a sheep. Move as quick as You can/5().

Jul 26,  · The Bible’s emphasis is not so much on a technical or medical definition of virginity as it is on the condition of a person’s heart. The morality we espouse and the actions we choose give evidence of our heart’s condition. The Bible’s standard is clear: celibacy before marriage and monogamy after marriage. On holy virginity De santa virginitate (“On holy virginity”) was written about the year In the next dozen years Augustine wrote also about the other basic life styles: On the good of marriage, On the work of monks and On the good of widowhood.

Funny! An angel is shooting holy sperm at virgin Mary to get her pregnant. You're 'Jo' who's got to stop him by using a sheep. 1. Holy virginity and that perfect chastity which is consecrated to the service of God is without doubt among the most precious treasures which the Founder of the Church has left in heritage to the society which He established. 2.