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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Honestly I was never a huge fan. It was mainly the guys who made me all wet and gave me lots of masturbation inspirations. It was the eldest Nsync guy Chris Kirkpatrick, with his short black spiky hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Then there was Joey Fatone, he had a goatee and had his hair colored fire red being the silly guy of the group.

Plot Summary: Lauren's friendship with Justin Timberlake has spanned almost two decades, and through time it has grown much in the same way they have; moving from a childlike tie into an extraordinary bond as adults. Her wit and blunt attitude keep the young singer grounded while his optimism and carefree spirit allowed her cut loose and live life to its fullest. hosted *nterracial *nsync fan-fiction page i made this page for all that hard to find fan-fic thats interracial and *nsync(usually that drowing in all those regular fan-fics on afterworld.info) if you want your interracial nsync story on here, just send it to the email address afterworld.info has to be interracial and involving nsync.

It's Gonna Be Me: An NSYNC Fanfiction Fanfiction. One day, NSYNC releases a new song. But Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and JC had nothing to do with it. Somehow, everyone's memories have been changed and NSYNC has always been 5 OTHER guys. Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and Reviews: 1. Zaen’s *Nsync Fanfiction, A new beginning. This is the new home of Zaen’s Nsync Fan Fiction. JOIN ZAEN UPDATES. Click to subscribe to zaen_updates. THE FICTION THE SHORT HUMOR THE OTHER THE LINKS THE SLASH GUIDE. THE UPDATES. NEW CHAPTER: Having Silly Things Read Aloud – Interlude 3 / 18/ 9. THE FANFICTION. Coronation. ROMANCE. PG