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white vaginal sores - Female genital sores: Causes and diagnosis

Female genital sores are bumps and lesions in or around the vagina. Some sores may be itchy, painful, or produce a discharge, while others may not cause any symptoms. We explain the best ways to Author: Kristeen Moore. Why Do I Have a Rash Near My Vagina? If you have a vaginal rash, see your doctor to know for sure what caused it. This article will examine just a few of the conditions that can cause a.

Aug 17,  · Much to my embarrassment I have extremely painful white colored blisters/sores on my Labia Minora. The sores actually look exactly like cold sores but just on This topic is . Herpes is a common cause of painful sores. Genital warts may cause painless sores. Less common infections such as chancroid, granuloma inguinale, molluscum contagiosum, and syphilis may also cause sores. Changes that may lead to cancer of the vulva (vulvar dysplasia) may appear as white, red, or brown patches on the vulva. These areas may itch.

Jul 24,  · The sores of HSV are initially multiple, small blisters, which then burst to form an ulcer. Following this, they may scab and heal; The sores may be seen in the genitals or adjoining skin, or occur inside the vagina, rectum, or cervix; There may be vaginal discharge or . Vaginal blisters can occur over the entire groin area. You can have a blister on the “lips” of the vagina, or they can occur right near the entrance of the vagina. You may experience blisters or sores anywhere in the groin area. The genitals can have Pobby.

Vaginal Sores and Lumps Getting Started. Sores (ulcers), blisters, pimples and lumps can form inside or nearby the vagina. These changes can occur with or without pain. This guide is intended to provide you with a better understanding of what may be causing your problem, if you have one of these changes. Apr 17,  · Cluster of white bumps on vaginal lips (virgin) I have like a dozen little hard white bumps that blanket my labia, not close to my vagina, but on the far parts of the inner and outer vaginal lips. I’ve noticed it at like 13 or 14 and I wasn’t sexually active, and I’m almost 18 and I’ve only had sex a .