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We scoured the world of lesbian science fiction and found you the best of the best for this list of the Top 10 Lesbian Science Fiction.. We decided to include series as singular picks because, you know, we here at The Lesbian Review are super indecisive and don’t play by the rules. The Sapphic Fantastic: Lesbian & Bi Women Fantasy Books Danika Ellis In my time in the queer lit blogosphere, I’ve noticed that one of the categories that readers seem to be wanting for the most is f/f fantasy afterworld.info: Danika Ellis.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of as many science fiction & fantasy books featuring lesbian or bisexual protagonists or deuteragonists as I could find. (As a disclaimer, not all of the books featuring bisexual women end with a F/F pairing.) I’m sure there are more to add, so definitely let me know about any I’ve missed in the comments!Author: Feliza Casano. Mar 04,  · I was wondering if you would be willing to recommend good lesbian science fiction novels. I find those are hard to come by. I am sure you've been asked this before but I haven't found a post about this in your blog. If I missed it, I apologize. I have finished all the Aud books. I'm starting Slow River. And congrats on becoming an American citizen.

Welcome to Science Fiction Books for Lesbians This is a list of science fiction books with lesbian characters or by lesbian authors, or with GLBTQ characters. I also recently added books with badass straight women. I use the term lesbian loosely here. The terms "lesbian," "bi," "gay," etc. are only relevant in this cultural moment. Nov 11,  · November 21, 40+, Fantasy, Fletcher DeLancey, Romance, Sci-Fi, Scifi/Fantasy VL I really enjoyed Fletcher DeLancey’s first novella, Mac vs. PC so was intrigued to see her second and find it was a SciFI with strong women leaders and lesbian romance.. a combination us lesbian .

Jun 26,  · The author of feminist literary criticism, in addition to science fiction and fantasy, the late Joanna Russ influenced readers throughout her life since she was first noticed in the late s. During her career, she challenged the male-dominated world of science fiction—both in authors and afterworld.info: Sarah Mangiola. 8 Queer Sci-Fi Books To Read Right Now. By queer sci-fi in the comments on my post on queer high fantasy books. This is not surprising as the nerds who like fantasy are also often the nerds.

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