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I got this question quite often when I was student and it usually came from one of two sources: a) the scared/paranoid parent or prospective student who has this image of lesbians traveling in marauding bands who defile poor, innocent first years or think that lesbianism is "catching" or b) the out/questioning student who wants to know how accepting Wellesley's community is. Mar 15,  · The Highly Charged Erotic Life of the Wellesley Girl The Dyke Ball, a dance put on by Wellesley Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Friends, is .

If you're lesbian or are looking for help with lesbian issues in Wellesley or for a Wellesley lesbian therapist these professionals provide lesbian counseling, lesbian therapy and lesbian friendly. While many at Wellesley are really ambitious, most aren't really cut-throat about it, there are still plenty of slackers here! The lesbian community is actually very small, all though it does have a big presence on campus. And yes, most women here really will sleep with any guy they meet/5(72).

Oct 17,  · Back in Hillary Clinton's days on the Wellesley campus their were many women's societies on the Wellesley campus that were lesbian and the college kept this quiet to the general public. The article below by Jay Dixit has a paragraph from Hillary's Days but it doesn't address the rampant homosexuality growing on the Wellesley campus pre ' James Allan. Wellesley is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex students. The ready support by students, faculty, and staff of Wellesley’s large, active LGBTQ population is one of .