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how to mix essential oils into facial lotions - 5 Easy to Make Lotion Recipes Using Essential Oils

Mar 17,  · Although you can mix essential oils directly into ready-made lotions, there are a couple of drawbacks. The Plastic Container it is in: Essential oils can break down plastics, which then leach into your lotion and subsequently, your skin. You can eliminate this by transferring your lotion into a glass container, then add essential oil to it. Apr 13,  · For all of the details on these oils and their benefits, visit The Top 10 Essential Oils for Skincare. Properly dilute your essential oils in your carrier oils I prefer 2% dilution — that is, the essential oil(s) will make up just 2% of your final face oil blend and the carrier oil(s) will make up the other 98% of the blend.

Mix your approach to target oily spots and moisturize dry areas using specific oils to get that custom blend that’s just right for your face! YL tip: Essential oils can do more than add moisture. Many of them have cleansing properties and other Young Living. How to Mix Carrier Oils. Continue with your additional oils, raising the liquid level by 2 ounces each time. Pour the carrier oils into your clean jar. If using essential oils, add them now. Use 15 to 30 drops essential oil for every ounce of carrier oil for a body oil formula, and five drops per ounce for a facial .

Dec 29,  · Leave plain for a wonderful body butter or add Young Living Essential Oils to achieve these great lotions. Sleepy Time Lotion. 1/2 cup of the base lotion 8 drops Cedarwood 10 drops Peace and Calming 12 drops Lavender oil. Amazing to use at night. I put it on my feet when I get into bed, and add my socks. It helps me sleep and moisturizers my feet!Author: Whitney. Essential oil dilution in creams and lotions - making your own face creams and lotions. The total percentage of essential oil to a cream or lotion should not exceed 2%. Also please ensure that you mix the oil well into the cream or lotion and that you are not allergic to the essential oil of your choice. The mixed cream or lotion should be kept in a closed container, and in a cool area.

Directions. The best way to blend the essential oils into the lotion is to pour the lotion into a bowl, add the oils and then mix very well. Once mixed, add the lotion back to the bottle using a funnel. Patchouli, sandalwood and carrot seed oils help aid dry skin. The patchouli and sandalwood oils have a lovely rich scent when blended together. Jul 05,  · The best essential oils for your skin are the ones that work for your skin type. Today we’ll go over which essential oils are best for dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, and everything in between – plus a few basic skincare recipes!/5(4).