- does music affect teen test scores


does music affect teen test scores -

A 10 year study involving 25, students show that music-making improves test scores in standardized tests, as well as in reading proficiency exams (Source: James Catterall, UCLA, ). High school music students score higher on the math and verbal portion of SAT, compared to their peers (Profile of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board, compiled by Music Educators . Mozart Effect. But not all music is bad for all students. Sometimes, soothing music or classical music can help a student focus. One British study claims listening to Mozart for 10 minutes produced a “Mozart effect” where test-takers’ IQ scores went up 8 or 9 points.

Oct 08,  · Surprisingly, the results actually found no significant difference between test scores with liked music, disliked music, and changing state speech. In other words, whether students enjoyed the music or not, having it on while they worked was just as distracting as hearing someone talk. Dec 02,  · Although listening to music during the test resulted in Group A’s test scores fluctuating the most from member to member, it should be noted that all three of the tested conditions yielded differing test scores amongst members of the same group.

Sep 01,  · However, their study revealed that participants performed significantly better while listening to sedative music than they did while listening to stimulating music, whereas the current experiment found no significant difference in test scores between the loud music and soft music afterworld.info by: 5.