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do her pleasure condoms work -

The, “Her,” in Trojan Her Pleasure comes from the addition of an extra-large head for heat-induced friction, as well as the ribs at the base for that little extra touch. Made of premium latex and soaked in a water-based lube, these Her Pleasure condoms are the best condoms for her!/5(53). Choosing condoms for me and the boy seems to be more about minimizing annoyances rather than maximizing pleasure. I think the ribbed kind feel like sand paper. Accidentally bought warming condoms once; very burn-y. The basic kind seem to work well.

Similarly, they’re up to 99 percent effective in blocking HIV transmission during penetrative sex, when used consistently and correctly. In short, if you are looking to avoid sexually transmitted infections during oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse, condoms are a good way to do afterworld.info: Blank Author. Sep 26,  · I usually buy the "her pleasure" type condoms because in a weird way, I want my girlfriend to enjoy sex more than I do. They usually just have very thin ridges in them, none of the fancy gel that gets hot or cold or whatever. So I'm wondering, do the special "for women's pleasure" condoms actually make a difference? comments.

Mar 11,  · There are several different types of condoms made specifically for her pleasure.  Some women like a studded or ribbed condom, while others may prefer a vegan condom or a non latex afterworld.info: Ripnroll Condoms. Jun 14,  · With a ribbed condom the guy is more likely to attribute her pleasure to the condom, rather than as an effect of anything he does differently. He'll also thrust harder and faster, as he thinks this will make the condom work better (which if it was working the way it's advertised, could work, but since it doesn't, it just makes sex more awkward with the unmatched pace).