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May 09,  · This does not contain security updates for other Microsoft products. This CD image is intended for corporate administrators who manage large multinational organizations, who need to download multiple individual language versions of each security update, and who do not use an automated solution such as WSUS. Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started. New bug causes Xbox Ones to randomly factory reset Time.

Easyshare lets a remote iPhone user instantly share access to a field serial device connected via Airconsole or Redpark cable. New Firmware for Airconsole Released. /02/16 - Airconsole Firmware Released. We have made a new Airconsole Firmware avaialble today - version Softube has released a Console 1 software update with support for selected UAD Powered Plug-ins from Universal Audio. This update allows users of Console 1 to add to their collection of Console 1 EQ, Compressor, Gate, and SSL E an additional 60 Console 1 system-ready plug-ins available from.

Bad news, I have been plagued with the infamous wifi/bluetooth instability problem since receiving it. Good news, there is a firmware release to fix it, xxx. Bad news, I have not received it yet. I have reset the phone twice now back to the Production Release to . Mar 28,  · Would you consider a disc-free console option? Microsoft was considering making the Xbox One I'm suggesting that Sony and Microsoft could offer new versions of their consoles Author: Kyle Orland.

Sep 18,  · New builds for Xbox Insiders add p broadcasting and recording. by Asher Madan. Today, Microsoft announced that a new Dashboard update was rolling out to Xbox Alpha Insiders alongside other changes. While not all the upgrades will be available today, many will make it to users. The team just released the patch notes for today’s update. Dec 09,  · Remap and use your keyboard to control PS4 Remote Play using PS4 Macro - komefai/

Jun 15,  · As a 'one more thing' closing zinger for the Microsoft E3 media briefing, the reveal of BioWare's Anthem is hard to beat. A highly polished six-minute gameplay demo - or 'vertical slice Author: Thomas Morgan. Jan 30,  · Microsoft seems to be readying a new major Xbox One dashboard update, which could roll out as soon as March. According to a new report from The Verge confirms information from ntkrnl, an user at NeoGAF forums, that Microsoft is working on a substantial update for Xbox One to address many problems with the Xbox Live service related to the new console, including party-chat, and the update .